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Hoover H7W 69MBC-80 H Wash 700 9kg 1600rpm Washing Machine White - H7W 69MBC-80

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H7W 69MBC-80

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H-WASH 700H-WASH 700 is the high efficiency washing machine in A-Energy Class that ensures outstanding washing results, top savings, superior care and hygiene for all kind of fabrics. Thanks to the unique Ultra Wide Care Drum, it can reach the highest efficiency and caring performance in a smaller depth. The hOn App opens to many combinations of cycles and options helping you save even more! Discover matchless results!
No detergent waste /Perfect detergent dosageAvoid detergent waste with the Care Dose system. It calculates the correct dosage of detergent and softener for up to 21 cycles and automatically releases it in the drum.
Top efficiency in A classIn compliance with the New Energy Label, this Hoover A class washing machine reduces energy consumption starting from 51% compared to a G class, saving energy and protecting the environment.Discover more
Deeper cleaning actionThanks to the revolutionary 525mm diameter drum, you will get higher cleaning action and maximum performance. The wider size allows clothes to move around the space, boosting the detergent action while reducing friction and creases. Plus, its unique laser seamless welding combined with the innovative "pillow" surface ensures best care and full protection for your garments during the wash cycle.
No detergent waste / Perfect detergent dosageAlways perfect washing results without any waste and effort. Thanks to Eco Doser, the appliance is able to suggest the optimal amount of detergent to be poured into the drawer, precisely estimated on the effective loading quantity. The intelligent advisor can be set to work with regular, concentrated liquid or powder detergent.
Best results with no wasteThe Auto Care program will get you the best results with no waste. An advanced algorithm calculates and auto-sets the most suitable program adapting detergent, water and time according to fibers and load.
Top efficiencyManaging consumption is now completely possible. The KG Mode Plus, a new intelligent algorithm, adjusts water, energy and time according to your load for an optimized performance in any washing circumstance.
No more washing mistakesThanks to the Scan to Care function you can forget all clothes labels! Just take a picture of them and create your virtual wardrobe. The hOn App will collect and store all your clothes washing instructions, suggesting the best program to take care of them.
Refresh your clothesTake care of your clothes and refresh fibers with the Steam Care Pro Cycle. An intense flow of steam is spread in the drum allowing to remove odours and soften up fibers.
60° washing cycle for deep cleaningHoover washing machine has a specific hygiene programme that is a sanitizing washing cycle that mantains 60°C of temperature for more than 20 minutes, allowing deep cleaning for your clothes and garments.
Take care of your clothesTake care of your favourite clothes and preserve fibers for longer thanks to a complete set of Care Cycles, designed for all types of garments.
Helpful extra supportNeed help in choosing the right program? Insert your laundry fabric, color, dirty level and type of stain and the App’s guided washing will suggest you the best program and setting to get perfect results. Also, you can access extra suggestions, stain tips and lables guide to get the best from your appliance while taking care of your garments.
Powerful performanceH-WASH 700 features the Permanent Magnet Brushless motor, the most long-lasting, powerful and efficient belt driven technology available in the market.


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