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Haier HD90-A3Q979SU1 I Pro Series 7 9kg Heat Pump Tumble Dryer - Graphite - HD90-A3Q979SU1

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Discover the most exclusive and tailored drying experience with I-Pro Series 7 Plus, Haier's new tumble dryer. The connected ecosystem of this machine, working through the hOn app, enables a total customization of the drying experience even remotely, while the integrated drying technologies and the superior design bring performances at an even higher level. Heat pump technology cleverly conserves heat inside your dryer’s drum, not only lowering energy consumption by up to 50%, but also ensuring your laundry is taken much better care of compared to a regular tumble dryer. The lower energy consumption also means that you’re able to use more than one of your appliances simultaneously, saving you even more time! The Haier hOn App can connect to all your needs and is constantly updated to ensure excellence. So what does this incredible app offer? What are the benefits it can provide? First of all, you can manage drying in a completely innovative way: a notification alerts you when the lightest clothes are dry, so you can stop the tumble dryer to remove them and restart the cycle with the most resistant ones. In addition, you can choose the perfect drying program based on the washing cycle, spin cycle and amount of laundry, achieving excellent tailor-made results. Artificial intelligence raises the bar even further, allowing you to remotely manage the cycle. Together with the hOn App, AI can automatically recognize the type of garment, the type of fabric and the size of the load, in order to set the perfect drying cycle. Further, the combination of hOn App and artificial intelligence will provide you with a precise system of notifications, anytime the machine requires assistance. In this way, durability and reliability are raised to excellence levels never seen before. At this point, you are just missing to touch professional results, which only the power of Connectivity through the hOn App is able to give you.


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